Boost your progress and beat procrastination with the Everyday Momentum Calendar, a powerful visual tool that blends the 10,000 Hour Rule with effective time management and habit-tracking strategies.

What's Inside

How does it work?

Step 1


Before you begin, make a contract with yourself and commit to this journey of self-improvement.

Step 2


Prioritize your tasks and decide how many MPs each one requires.

Step 3


Work in 50-minute sessions, free of distractions. When the timer beeps, it's time for a break.

Step 4


After each session, take a moment to acknowledge your progress and fill in a dot on your poster. This is your victory, no matter how small.

Step 5


Take a 10-minute break after each session. Remember, resting is a crucial part of the process. Quick tip: Take a longer break after every 4 MPs.

Designed to maintain your Momentum


What is the primary purpose of the Productivity Challenge Poster?

The poster is designed to visually track your progress towards becoming an expert in your field, helping to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

How does the poster help in overcoming procrastination?

It acts as a daily reminder of your goals and offers a comprehensive approach to combat procrastination, encouraging consistent focus on your objectives.

In what ways does the poster keep me organized?

It integrates the best elements of habit-tracking apps, journal formats, coaching methods, and time management systems, aiding in keeping your progress organized.

Can the poster motivate me to achieve my goals?

Yes, by visually showing your daily progress and how close you are to your goal, it boosts motivation and commitment towards achieving it.

Does the poster encourage trust in the process?

Absolutely. It emphasizes the importance of trusting the process, embracing the journey, and enjoying the experience of reaching your goal, not just the outcome.

How does the poster allow me to measure my progress?

It provides a clear and measurable way to track your progress, showing you how far you've come and what remains to be achieved.

Can this poster help me become an expert in my chosen field?

Yes, by following the guidance provided by the poster and dedicating the necessary hours of practice, you can achieve expertise in your chosen area.