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Seek Momentum: From Procrastination to Mastery

Seek Momentum: From Procrastination to Mastery

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Momentum Mastery: Breaking the Bonds of Procrastination" is an ebook designed to help you overcome distractions and stay focused in a world full of interruptions. It offers practical tips and strategies to build and maintain momentum, embrace imperfection, and set achievable goals. Through easy-to-follow advice and simple, effective techniques like the Pomodoro method and Ikigai, this guide will help you tackle procrastination, enhance productivity, and find satisfaction in your daily achievements. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their focus and get things done.


Size: 9.5*9.5*15cm (D2.85in *H4.5in)

Capacity: 120ml

Spray volume: 10-15ml/h

Use time: 8-12 hours

Certificate: ce, rohs, fcc

Support: Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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